Customer Service

Over the last week, I have been spending my lunch times at motorcar dealers' showrooms. I have a 7 year old Mitsubishi Pajero with low mileage of about 129,000 km only. I only used the car at weekends and mostly in the country. I have not been to Miri or Limbang since 2001 I think. Anyway, as I grow heavier, it is getting harder to get into it (too high) and since I also have a policy of not keeping cars beyond its seventh year, it is time to let go. I have opted for a mid range SUV rather than the full blown version and I have finally settled on this beauty. It is not the top range as my driver says I should get a Lexus at least for 'my ranking' his words not mine. I told him that rankings don't put food on the table as a Lexus cost almost $40,000 more.

I am not talking about cars today but rather about customer service. The young lady that helped me get my Honda is named Anis Suhailah and I have to admit both my wife and I found her extremely courteous, friendly and should definitely be a role model for customer service in Brunei. I have grown up in Brunei not expecting much from Brunei salespersons but I definitely have to say that with her kind of behaviour entering into the Brunei sales services, I think things are looking up for Brunei.

I thought Anis would be the one and only. I was surprised to find a few more. Over at The Mall in Gadong, there were these stalls that opened up in what used to be the ice skating rink. I don't have the name for this guy but he sells computers there. I was having a quick look at a laptop which I did not buy but even then he was very courteous and helpful and even wished me well when I left the stall. I was very impressed and one day when I do want to buy a laptop, I probably might pop back to that stall because I know he will be helpful.

At a few more stalls, we found a few more salespersons who automatically says 'apa dapat kamu bantu' etc. Was it us that are only looking for good sales services or is there a general change in the Brunei sales scene? I sincerely hope that is the latter. Remember my story a couple of weeks ago about a cleaner at TAP whom TAP eventually rehired at a different salary scale? She was the epitome of customer service when I first met her. I think she has many competitors now. But this augurs well for Brunei.


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