Long Life Education

Last night my better half and I were at our son's annual school concert as well as the graduation ceremony for the Primary 6 of his school. I saw many of these parents with fancy cameras armed with fantastic distance zoom lense or the latest video cameras, all of them no doubt very happy that their primary school children will now be entering into secondary school. Indeed Yayasan as a school has something to be proud too. More than half of their Primary 6 cohort scored 5As in their PSR.

No doubt come 2011 (umur panjang), I would love to have my little one in that half too. But then should he not make it, it is not the end of the world. I know a few parents who are not happy because their little one did not make it. I would like to tell them this tale. I remembered one relative a few years ago invited us for a doa kesyukuran and we asked what the occasion was for. She said .. anakku pass .. Not everyone are straight A students but to remember that passing too is an achievement certainly makes me feel humble.

One PhD friend told me that he was not a straight A student. But that has not stopped him from working hard and eventually getting his PhD. Life is certainly long and there are many bridges to be crossed and paths to be walked through. 5A at PSR is a good indicator but not the only indicator. Hard work and perseverance still count and can still make the difference come the day, our little one, grown up, entering into the workforce.

Whatever it is, we as parents do need to work especially hard in getting our young ones to work hard. If they make it to the top of their class at the same time, well done. But if not, we need to make sure that they get through their examinations and be employable at the end of the day.


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