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BRUNEI-MUARA, Sunday, February 17, 2013 - TIES between Brunei and the state of Pahang, Malaysia, can be strengthened by exploring the arts and culture of one another, according to the President of Pahang Theatre Council.

Roslan Madun said this during the "Night of the People's Arts" event which was hosted by Language and Literature Bureau (DPB) for the 25 delegates from Pahang.

Roslan Madun added that a reason why exploration should be encouraged is to preserve the Malay cultural heritage in the region.

The Director of Language and Literature Bureau, Hjh Aminah Hj Momin, who gave a welcoming speech, emphasised the need to keep the traditional arts alive as it was being threatened by an influx of foreign popular culture.

The main objectives of last night's event included the sharing of cultural heritage between Pahang and the Sultanate as well as to strengthen the professional relationship between poets, literary writers and traditional art enthusiasts.

The highlight of the night was the performances. Several performances were staged including traditional poems, songs and dance.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, a 17-year-old student of Maktab Duli said that she felt very excited to be able to participate in the cultural event.

"It is very exciting to introduce Brunei's own cultural poetry to the members of Pahang Theatre Council," said Raihana Asyiqin Hj Suhaili. She is a member of Kumpulan Putra Seni (KPS), a non-government organisation that engages in activities related to Brunei's traditional arts.

Another KPS member, Mohd Asri Hj Emin, viewed the event as a way to reinforce the relationship between Pahang Theatre Council and Kumpulan Putra Seni.

"We are able to see the cultural differences between Brunei and Pahang," he added, citing that such observation was crucial for preserving the value of arts and performances in the future.

Ak Hj Amirul Amin Pg Hj Jamaluddin, also a KPS member, was hopeful that young people would learn the cultural traditions.

"If not for us (the young people), who else is going to carry on practising our cultural heritage?" he asked.

"Night of the People's Arts" was held in conjunction with a three-day visit by the Pahang Theatre Council delegate to the Sultanate.

The event, which took place at Balai Sarmayuda, Language and Literature Bureau, was attended by the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, Hj Mohd Rozan Dato' Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos among others.

Hanaffi Hidup

-- Courtesy of The Brunei Times and Borneo Bulletin --


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