Are we that stupid?

I have seen and received thousands of emails trying to solicit something from me. I have seen so many that the moment you read it, you know what it is. These people clearly believe that there is a sucker born every day. This morning I received the following email. How stupid do they think we are?


Hello dear Friend,

My name is Juan David, I've been looking at your webpage referred to Brunei culture and heritage and I strongly need a favor from you. I am currently studying International Relations in a Colombian University and one of my assignments is to simulate a curriculum vitae of a Bruneian person. In order to complete this presentation I need a few documents that have been impossible to fin in the web.

I wonder if its possible by any means that you could help me to find them. The documents are:

College degree
Masters degree
Birth certificate
Someway to prove the ability to speak Malayan, Indonesian bahasa and jawe.
A permission to work from the Sultan
A way to prove having went to the army

Ive been trying to find this documents four weeks and just today i found your webpage, it turns out my assignment is for Monday so please let me know if you can help me in anyway.



Right... You want all those documents for a university assignment.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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