Brunei Antique Pots

Every now and then you get lucky. On Sunday, I hit paydirt. During the Regatta on Sunday, there were many stalls operating along the streets lining up the Yayasan building. So together with the Director of Museum, his Deputy Director and a couple of officers from Museum, we went round the stalls. Partly duty to ensure that certain artifacts under the control of the relevant legislations were not sold during this time.

We did come across this one stall which specialises in selling Brunei antiques such as pots, pans and other items. I saw the prices on the stickers and I thought to myself, this is expensive. But while having a look around, I overheard our people bargaining and to my surprise, found out that the prices were very much lower than what was written. I quickly went over all the items when a set of 5 pots were offered to me at a very reasonable price. The Deputy whispered to me that I will not get that price anymore outside this stall. So I said yes and took an extra bowl and asked if bundled together, would it be evern cheaper? It was indeed and I walked off with the above six pots suddenly more than tripling my meagre antique collection so far.

To think that these pots used to feed some Brunei families in the past.... I can't quite believe my luck.


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