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I love technology. But I love technology which can verify the status of food source and its halal status. Well done AiTi and Halal Food Control Division.


New RFID reader can validate, trace status of halal food products

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Friday, February 22, 2013 - THE public can now verify the halal status of food products using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, following the launch of a pilot project yesterday.

An RFID reader was unveiled at Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut department store, allowing consumers to validate the halal status of food products and obtain further information including halal certification, batch numbers and expiry dates.

Tracking using the RFID system can be used on chicken parts, frozen food and processed food ingredients that are embedded with an authentic halal logo issued by the relevant authority.

A ceremony to initiate the pilot project was held yesterday by the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI), in collaboration with the Halal Food Control Division at the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA).

Developed by local company John Harith Technology Sdn Bhd, the RFID project aims to establish halal authenticity in the country.

Over a period of six months, the pilot project will be tested on local abattoir Golden Chick Sdn Bhd and Hua Ho Tanjong Bunut department store. Plans are also underway to create mobile applications that will enable users to scan food products to determine their halal status.

Alongside the RFID reader at the department store, the initial phase of the pilot project involves halal detection of chicken and raw meat produced by the local abattoir. "RFID technology offers an alternative solution for the identification and tracking of goods and products wirelessly, making it suitable for developing (mobile) applications, where users can get various information on halal products effectively and in more detail," the AITI chief executive, Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, said. He added that it would also help law enforcement agents ensure the validity of the Brunei Halal logo issued by MoRA.

Over the last few years, the AITI has been actively promoting the use of RFID technology in Brunei through a number of initiatives, including the setting up of its own RFID Showcase Gallery, in addition to training local resources and developers.

AITI stated it would continue to encourage the development of local RFID applications and that it hoped to roll out more pilot programmes with other relevant agencies. Present to officiate at the launch were Dato Paduka Hj Alaihuddin Pehin Orang Kaya Digadong Seri Lela Dato Seri Utama Hj Mohd Taha, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Communications; and Hj Abd Aziz Orang Kaya Maharaja Lela Hj Yussof, permanent secretary at MoRA.
Rabiatul Kamit

-- Courtesy of The Brunei Times --


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