Brunei's Protected Buildings and Places

Under the Antiquities and Treasure Trove Act, the Director of Museums can issue an Antiquities and Treasure Trove (Ancient Monuments and Historical Sites) Order to direct for certain buildings to be listed and these buildings will require special permission if ever you need to do something to them.

I don't remember if there was any Order made prior to the 3rd May 2006 Order. So under the recent 3rd May 2006 Order, the following list of buildings and places are now protected for the first time and they have been gazetted in the Order as follows:-
  • Bubungan Dua Belas - I have posted about this one before;
  • Charcoal Mine Site - I have posted about this one too before;
  • Former Lapau Lama Building - this is actually the current building used by the History Centre or rather the attachment to the History Centre - I could be wrong;
  • Government Secretariat Building - this building is at Jalan Elizabeth II and is used by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Home Affairs;
  • Istana Darussalam - this is the former residence of Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien before he became the 28th Sultan - it's located at Jalan Sumbiling Lama and is really a worthwhile visit - I really wished this building could be turned into a museum or something;
  • Istana Manggalela - this palace is at Jalan Maulana in Kuala Belait which I posted on a few months back - the last time I stood in front of it to take a picture, a gurkha came out and told me not to do that - so it is still in use;
  • Istana Pantai - another palace on the way to Seri Kenangan Beach in Tutong;
  • Labu Estate Ruber Industrial Site - this is in Temburong;
  • Limau Manis River Site - I am trying to find out more about this, I am not sure where this is located and why it's listed, if any readers know please let me know;
  • Old Building of Tutong District Office and Court - this is the old wooden building in front of the Tutong River;
  • Old House of Belait District Officer - self explanatory, I think - he has a new official house and the old one was used for many functions including visits by His Majesty;
  • Pekan Bangar Monument - I haven't been to Bangar in ages, I am not sure what this is - again appeals to readers to provide information;
  • Perpuspaan Main Gate 1968 - this small arch is always overlooked, it was built to commemorate the Coronation of His Majesty in 1968, it was previously placed over a pavement next to the mosque going to Kampung Ayer but now has been relocated at about the same place - next to the mosque and opposite the Yayasan Building;
  • Royal Customs and Excise Building - this is the old building at the end of the Jalan Sultan - at one stage the building also houses the Marine Department and I used to work there for a few months;
  • Timepiece Stone Monument - this is the famous blue clock tower in the middle of the four junction at the Post Office - it was given by the Government of Malaysia in 1959 if I am not mistaken, it was chopped down in 1992 but was resurrected soon after.

If ever you have a free Sunday, do take a visit to all the listed places.


Anonymous said…
Good morning Mr BR, what about the current TAIB's headquarters? I read somewhere, the main entrance remains the same as it was first built, never touched, although the structure of the building has changed.

It used to be a Civic Hall, and later a place where the State Legco convened. Do correct me if I am wrong :)
Anonymous said…
Where has the Sir Churchill statue gone?
Anonymous said…
I am so pleased with the news of this Order as we have the tendency to like new things/buildings/whatnots and not look after the old...
Anonymous said…
yes, where's the churchill statue?
MV said…
Hi Mr BR!

I have a blog that has an online map of Brunei and I was wondering if I can link the places that you mention in your blog. Hopefully it will help your readers in better locating it...
Anonymous said…
B.R, you can get more info about Sungai Limau Manis Archeological Site from a book published by Brunei Museum - SUNGAI LIMAU MANIS: Tapak Arkeologi Abad Ke 10-13 Masihi. Lot of info about its location, history and finding. Artifact from ceramic, metal, coin, beads, wood and more. Happy reading :)
Anonymous said…
one more to the list :

16. Makam makan sultan di brunei. :)
s@S: you mite want to contact the Museums Department to include it in the next Order.

annonymous: i have been told that the statute is somewhere in Museums Department stores.

emmagoodegg: yes, i agree.

technojelly: have fun linking.

indianajones: thank you for the tip on the book. any additional for the list - Museums Department too.
Anonymous said…
Where is istana pantai? I have lived in tutong for whole my life and never seen istana pantai before. What is it look like actually?
Hakeeemm said…
i love this blog.Its really suitable for students who takes history..
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know the location of the Old House of the Belait District Officer? I haven't been able to find it listed anywhere. Planning a trip to KB and I'd like to see it.

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