Monopoly Brunei Version

Over the last couple of weeks, my family's evening activity had been to play Monopoly. The month before it was Scrabble. The Monopoly set we have is a Disney version which my 6 year old chose simply because he liked the characters. The Monopoly is the same but there are slight variations. Instead of land title deeds, you get title deeds to Disney movies. For railway stations, they are replaced by Disney movies transportation such as Aladdin's Flying Carpet or Cruella's Limousine. And the utilities are pixie wands and star dust. The Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced by Magic Moment and Show Times cards. And of course the money bears the face of Scrooge McDuck. Other than those, everything else is the same including the prices and the taxes. I found it useful as it teaches my son how to count money and hopefully turned his attention towards being a milionaire or something or at the very least a financial planner.

Last night, we did not play monopoly. Instead together with a couple of other thousands of Bruneians, we were at the Hua Ho Mall at Tanjung Bunut last night. It was a soft opening but the Bruneians crowd reminded us of the opening of the other Hua Ho at Manggis when we had trouble getting in there too. We must be so deprived of things to do that most of us will go to the opening of an envelope! Anyway, last night was slightly easier and the underground carpark despite the number of cars parked all over the place, was relatively empty. So if you are thinking of going there to have a look, aim for the basement parking, you might have the place to yourself. So, what about Hua Ho itself? Okaylah. Just like any other modern department stores. Nothing particularly outstanding about it, but it might turn out to be our regular haunting place simply because it's the nearest one to my house now.

Between the monopoly and the increasing real estate value around the Hua Ho Mall at Tanjung Bunut, it just sets me thinking of doing a Monopoly Brunei Version. I have been wondering Which land title deeds would the most expensive (purple coloured) and which ones would be the least expensive (brown coloured) and which ones go in the middle?

Here is my attempt and readers are most welcomed to come up with your own versions, from most expensive to least expensive:-
  • Purple - Damuan Park and Babu Raja
  • Green - Old Gadong, New Gadong and Batu Bersurat
  • Yellow - Old Kiulap, New Kiulap, Kiarong
  • Red - Telanai, Jangsak and Beribi
  • Orange - Sengkurong, Tanjung Bunut and Kilanas
  • Pink - Jalan Sultan, Jalan Pemancha and Jalan Kianggeh
  • Light Blue - Muara, Serasa and Delima Satu
  • Brown - Sungai Kabun and Kampung Ayer
  • Railway Stations - International Airport, BSB Central Bus Stands, Kianggeh Water Taxis and Old Airport Interchange
  • Utilities - Gadong Powerplant and Tasek Waterplant
  • Taxes - $100 (Road Tax) $200 (Municipality Tax)
Defintely contentious but most fun. Let's hear yours.


Anonymous said…
I like monopoly, i have "university of Leeds" version. I want to get the new london version, in fact I saw it at Hamley's in April, but I set to myself, I might get it cheaper elsewhere. In the end, due to shortage of time, I did not find one elsewhere.
Anonymous said…
The brunei monopoly should include places from other districts, no?
Anonymous said…
Not necessarily (spelling?). The UK version only has streets and areas that can be found in Central London no? It's been yonks since I've played it though so don't quote me on that. At least I know what my friends and I will be doing this weekend!
Thanks Bruneiresources for giving us something to do!!
Me said…
Kampong ayer seems to be to big a place. it is more of an area with lots of kampongs.

I don't think you will be able to produce a monopoly board on your own. It will be intresting to get the opinion of TCP.
Anonymous said…
thats really good.. but maybe jerudong should be in there?
Anonymous said…
hahaha.. Cute idea. I went crazy over my university's edition of monopoly and my siblings also adored the Disney version. So I think you should seriously sell your idea to the tourism board, apa lagi with the Visit Brunei 2008 year coming up. Brunei's and foreigners alike will grab it up.
rose said…
Yea i agree with R&aL.. hehe include Jerudong as well lah hehe... (just becos i live there.. *LOL*)
Anonymous said…
then it should have players such as awg.budiman, nodding donkey, simpur flower and whatever else that is part of brunei :)
Atul said…
I wish that we actually do have the monopoly brunei version! It'd be so cool! Hehehe.

Question: Where's old gadong and new gadong? Which is which? Ohhh.. how did you categorize them by the way? Availability of land? Or.. most visited? Hehe.
FlyBoy said…
Why is Kg Manggis,Jalan Muara blue? Land here is expensive man! Of course i haven't played monopoly in donkey years.
Me said…
I totally forgot about the boardpieces. How about the guy with the top hat? We cannot have the same thing for Brunei Monopoly, maybe simpur as the main cover, then bordpieces may be as noone said, simpur, tambang boat and nodding donkey.

Air muleh for the borders. Jail is supreme court??
AlaiMidget said…
Funny that you wrote about this. Years ago, I met someone who actually printed off Brunei version of board of Monopoly, not the cards or players, just for the fun of it. I had a good laugh just looking at it. What i remembered was that Purple were Jerudong, which i agree. I think they should actually make them, with personalised brunei captions (eg. You pay $25 for annual fees to 'Duit Saja Tahu'-DST- heheh).

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