What is SCP?


Anonymous said…
thanks for the memo.. appreciate it very much. If you can help me please, how many years the annuity will cover after the pension? until they passed away? what if they passed away the year after the pension? it's not really clear.. if the person earns more than 2800 per month (ie. $98 per month), how much he/she will earn after the pension? I don't see/know how to calculate them.
Thank you very much for you help Tuan..

Cheers dan selamat hari jumat..
There was a documentary on SBS a few weeks ago about Australian pension. A guy around my age tried to live like a pensioner. And it was completely obvious pensioners are living it tough. (Though a number enjoys playing Pokies i.e. gambling, for entertainment)

But the question remains: Can someone realistically live off the pension comfortably? (Given that the pension is a monthly allowance, and not lump sum)

Has anyone in Brunei tried to live the way today's pensioner does? If so, what can government and society do to ease the burden? Pension discounts for basic needs is one I can think of.

Additionally, what does SCP mean for people already on the pension?

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