A Time to Reflect

Apologies to the few faithful readers that I have left of this blog. I have not been able to update this blogspot and thoughts of closing it down completely have crossed my mind. Work as usual is very hectic but at the same time family commitment too.

We lost a young junior colleague a couple of months back. Last week my aunty Hajah Maimunah too was called. The last I saw of her was during my sister's wedding when she came over to my parents' house despite being on wheel chair. Mudah-mudahan roh mereka di cucuri rahmat dan diampunkan dosa-dosa.

I heard yesterday too, my uncle Dato Chua Pheng Siong had passed away. He was a good man. I worked under him for a few years when I was at MOF and I learnt a lot from him. I remembered attending an IMF and World Bank Governors Board meeting with him in Washington DC. We also stopped over in London on the way back together and nobody waited for us at London Heathrow because everyone thought that our flight was delayed. A time for sadness.

The Strata Title Roadshow will begin tomorrow at our Ministry. Many have already heard about it. I have explained it too and I won't go explain what it is. Suffice to say Brunei has finally moved forward from owning land to owning spaces. Many have rightly raised issues about it and we hoped to cover all of them in the roadshow.


KH said…
Please don't give up your blog. I dare say its the best and truest depository of all thoughts Brunei. After all, without blogs like yours, how else will younger genertion know what Brunei used to be? Brunei is not only about the latest hangouts and happennings. Any place - even our home - has a meaning only if they are connected to our memory and emotions, and being linked to our family and friends. However that can be limited and personal, which is why we need to know our history: only through our shared experiences and the historical perspective the Brunei as we know it has a shared meaning for every one of us.
Thanks KH. Don't forget I have shut the blog down once during my hectic days at MOF. One day in April 2007, I just stopped writing. I am at that stage again.

Anyway, at the moment I will try to keep it updated every now and then but it does make a mockery of my banner The Daily Brunei Resources.
ungkayah said…
takziah sir for ur lost..
Greenlover said…
I salute Tuan Hj for your hardwork and perseverance in keeping your blog alive with so many informative, educational, lively and sometimes amusing writings.

Writing is a good way to share our thoughts, emotional and knowledge. Human being is the only living thing on earth that have the ability to communicate with words and write. Each of us are gifted with this ability from birth. With practice and persistent, we can expand this gift to a newer frontier.

The sad truth is not many people willing to try to practise writing skill. Too many lack the will power to continue after a few attempts. Plenty come up with excuses for not having time but are able to sit in front of the tv set for hours.

Writing has never really been a culture in Brunei, as I was told. School children here don't write as much stories, book reveals, essays and diary compare to other schools in other countries. I have also been told that report writing at work is considered the most difficult task, and any employee would avoid by hook or by crook! The next most difficult task is giving public presentation.

I really do hope to see more Bruneians' blogs like this good one.

p.s. There may be some other good blogs, I have yet to find out. If anyone do know, pls drop me some info anitasarah168@yahoo.com. Thanks..

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