What is SCP? Part 2

I remembered when I helped launched TAP in 1993, one wisecracker came up to me and asked me 'do you know what TAP stands for?' So I asked him and he said that 'TAP' stands for Tidak Ada Pencen. I thought to myself when I heard that SCP was announced by His Majesty that it won't be long before someone comes up with something interesting. I heard it today, the Brunei wisecracker has done it again, SCP stands for Simpanan Cara Paksaan. I rest my case.

BUT, whether secara paksaan or not, it is good for everyone's future. In fact, everyone's future rely on the SCP. The SCP marked a return to a monthly paid pension after retirement for government civil servants but not only that everyone including those in the private sector also gets the benefit of having monthly paid pensions. What is important to remember is that, when you retire, you get the TAP savings as a lump sum and the SCP savings as your monthly pensions.

I know that there were still a number of questions that people wanted to ask about the scheme and I will try to answer them as much as I can. Remember I am not the expert on this matter but I am just regurgitating what I gather from yesterday's briefing at MOF. MOF briefed the State Legislative Council members, Perm Secs and Heads and Deputy Heads of Government Departments.

A number of people asked the following questions in the comment boxes. My answers are as follows:

Q1. How many years the annuity will cover after the pension? until they passed away? what if they passed away the year after the pension? it's not really clear.. if the person earns more than 2800 per month (ie. $98 per month), how much he/she will earn after the pension? I don't see/know how to calculate them.

Q2. hw does the Scp spread aftr retirement age? Up to 70 yrs of age?

Q3. how is the monthly SCP calculated? is it over a spread of 15 years as per the previous pension scheme?

Q4. until what age do we received our annuity and what will happen if someoen live beyond certain age

Technically, the pension is paid monthly for a period of 15 years from the age of 60. But if you are still alive after 15 years, the scheme will continue to pay you.

However if you died before completing 15 years, your wife and children (under 21) will benefit for the remainder of that 15 years.

The amount of annuity to be paid varied depending on three factors. One, is how much you are earning, the more you earn, the higher your annuity. Second, is how long you will be saving, the longer you saved up, the higher your annuity. Third, the amount of return you get from the investment of your savings, the higher the returns SCP can pay you, the higher your annuity. What the government is guaranteeing is no matter what, you will receive a minimum of $150 per month (for those earning $500 a month now and saved for 35 years). It will be a bit difficult to calculate what your actual annuity will be but if you earn more than $500 a month, your annuity will be higher than $150 a month.

Q5. mcmna dgn org bujang nda kwin? What happn to thier survivorship portion.

Someone from MOF answered this on the comment box. "Insya Allah, SCP will be provided till the demise of the receiver. For singles, it will based on the probate letter."

Q6. Are there different for those dailypaid workers who retire at 65? wiil their annuity be paid on reaching 60?

I don't have an answer to this and hopefully someone from MOF will correct me if I am wrong. However, logically (and based on existing TAP and pension practices), annuity should be paid out at age 60 and if a person continues working, he should be receiving his monthly annuity as well as his pay.

Q7. I may be mistaken but the circular doesnt seem to outline what happens to the 1% survivorship fund if a person DOESN'T die prior to retirement, is it integrated into d mthly SCP?

I don't have an answer to this and hopefully someone from MOF will correct me if I am wrong. However, logically that 1% is only activated if you died. Otherwise it will form part of your monthly SCP.

I hope I have been able to cover everything. I know my ex-MOF colleagues will correct me and if that happens, I will give the amended response. If you have any more questions, they can be posted in the comment boxes.


Curiosity Jim said…

i was wondering under the survivorship scheme, if the paticipant dies and the benefactor i.e the wife/husband passed away before him/her...will the next benefactor that is the children benefits from the monthly payment eventhough there are already above the age 21?
JJ said…
Thank you Tuan BR for your responses, greatly appreciate your time and efforts. I look forward to MOF's further clarifications. Despite the gaps in information, the introduction of SCP has definitely eased a bit of retirement worries somewhat, though its more than 30 years away!
SCP supporter said…
For the 1% survivorship question. As far my understanding survivorship something like insurance. 1% premium paid for ur survivorship insurance. Basically at 60 you will received only 6% (not the 7%) + dividend. It mean you cannot claim your 1% if you survived after 60 yr.
Pg Runa said…
I wonder what kind of scheme will be the survivorship put into? is it AIA, Great Eastern, Prudential or perhaps Islamic insurance (I bet there will be many insurance companies which would be more than happy to give the government a good bargain!!! after all we are talking about millions of $ per month in term of cash deduction from SCP)...Thera are many plans (insurance) which will give us some form of returns after maturity of the insurance plan we took...
Mr. B said…
Dear Haji, my concern is that TAP have not declared a dividend for the past two years (2008, 2009) perhaps bad decisions made by the TAP fund managers during the crisis? Who is to know? What were the key learnings? Why was failure tolerated? and actually was promoted?!

If you take account inflation, the money in my account is worth a bit less.. considering no dividend was paid.. It does raise the question whether the gamen should at least g'tee TAP a minimum dividend to match inflation. Even if they offer 2%.. difficult to take but i'll swallow it.. Your thoughts please Dear Sir..

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