Brunei $5 note

Every now and then you get to see the previous paper note of Brunei's currency. This $5 paper note surprisingly is still circulated. I was quite intrigued to see Brunei's $100 notes the other day being used at HH. So there are still some old notes. But this $5 note is interesting. You look at the back and you will see this:-

This water village photograph being used for the note is unusual. It is not the usual photo of Kampong Ayer. When I first studied the $5 note in detail. It took me quite by surprise to realise it is not Kampong Ayer.

About two years back, I found this old postcard:-

Familiar? This is not a village in Kampong Ayer. It is in Brunei but not Kampong Ayer as you know it.


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