Pangsura - An Academic Journal of SEA Literature

Not many of this blogsite readers would have read this particular journal published bi-annually by our Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka.

This Malay journal contains many articles about the literature of Brunei and those of Southeast Asia. I have read it on and off but the other day during the Book Fair, I decided to buy many of the previous back dated editions - one is that Brunei books and journals printed by DBP are very very cheap and when you consider the amount of knowledge in those books and journals, the prices are ultra cheap; two is that I have not known about many of the things written in the articles. Some I do know but the depth and breadth that some of these articles go to amazed me.

For instance this 2007 journal contained a book review about Menyuruki Syair Rakis (two of them), a symiotic (not even sure how to spell that, let alone know what it is) about the use of Pak Hassan icon in a book entitled Hari-Hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman, about Syeikh Yusuf, about buri pu'o (adat membasuh kaki di Tutong) and many more. There is a mix of the Malay literature world from Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

If you have spare time, go to the library and glance for yourself this extra ordinary journal or go to DBP and buy the entire back dated copies. I have been making up for lost time and have been reading all the issues that I can get my hands on.


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