On Leave

Someone has to tell me why are these fish called 'Uji Rashid'? I know Bruneians are avid fishermen, surely someone out there must know. I have a slight free time at the moment and I saw the label the other day at that huge supermarket in Rimba. No one was able to answer me then.

I have been using up my leave doing a lot of personal things, other than answering the phone calls from the office. I have been going around to see book printers and finding out that it can be costly to try to print your own books. But I will persist and found one printer already. I have submitted the book (the draft of the book) to Dewan Bahasa to get its ISBN number. ISBN number is the number that will identify the book and many book stores internationally will be unable to sell books without ISBN number. Not that I have any intention of selling my books overseas. But ISBN is like an IC number. It makes your book feel special and makes it more legitimate.

At the moment, I am adding in photographs to the book. Originally the books were pure words but I thought I will add in the photos. Hopefully that will make it sell better. I put in an order of 500 books and I need to sell around 300 in order to cover my printing costs. I also realised that there are many institutions that will get their books for free. The Museums Act require a few books, the ISBN national centre etc all require their statutory free books. Shall I send one to the Library of Congress too? They also require any book to be kept with them.

In between I have to help out my 9 nine year old with his homework. I did not realise the amount of homework that he has. We have just completed 40 pages of science homework. 40 pages, you know. After looking at the questions, I don't think I will do that well in that program - Are you smarter than a fifth grader - and will definitely not get my $1 million. That's just one subject. I think he has something like a dozen page of maths homework and not to mention the other subjects as well. And ugama too. I didn't realise Ugama School is also in this homework craze. Anyway, there goes my holidays.

Sorry if you are expecting any Leg Co stuff or serious stuff today. I am on leave and so I try not to think about work too much.


stormtrooper said…
If Im on leave, I will always consider myself given "off days but I still have to come to work if the need arise" kind of off days or better still leave days are "diberi kelonggaran waktu bekerja". What say you?

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