Brunei's 2009 Book Fair

I was at the bookfair today at the Indoor Stadium. I was quite surprised to see a huge tent next to the stadium. I thought at first that tent was for additional activities. I did not realise that this year many book and educational exhibitors took part compared to previous years. The huge tent had more booths inside it.

I was told that there are more than 120 booths featuring both local and international books from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Taiwan were made available to the Sultanate's public at this years's Brunei Book Fair 2009.

The book fair, organised as part of Brunei's National Day Silver Jubilee celebrations, is currently set to run for 10 days, till March 8. And the fair is open from 8.30 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

There are many books about Brunei being sold there. Both Dewan Bahasa Pustaka and the History Centre are promoting local content books.

But our own authors are now doing their own promotions. One of our directors whose daughter's book of poems is being published, Nurul Izzati's Young Dreams at a cost of $6.65, sent round his promotional sms yesterday. Another was a former colleague at MOF, sent round his promotional sms today, Jefri Salleh's book on the Methanol Project. These are indeed good books. I also saw many other local books there.

Please go go go, if you have not been. You would regret it otherwise.


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