My Sunday

I am not writing anything about Brunei today. I just want to spend this Sunday with my son and my better half celebrating his 9th Birthday Party and trying to figure out how to download mp3s into his birthday present iPod Nano.

Thanks to Siti Shahril of Cits Cakes for making the MU birthday cake complete with no.7 jersey and the Transformers cupcakes. She didn't have time to take the photos to upload to her blog, so you won't be seeing it on her blog.

I am not an MU supporter, so I am not going round with a long face this morning after being thoroughly thrashed last night by Liverpool. Neither am I a Liverpool supporter, so you won't be seeing me grinning like a Cheshire cat for the entire week. My son is a supporter but not a die hard fan, so we will still enjoy cutting the MU cake later on regardless of that 4-1 thrashing. But I can't help smiling nevertheless.....


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