RIPAS and the Cafetaria

My minister was hospitalised yesterday and we visited him. I did not realise the hospital is very busy around lunchtime. There were many people walking about and I have to admit it has been a while since I last visited the hospital. I always have this impression that hospitals should be quiet but I guess I was wrong.

The cafetaria was interesting. There were many people there and the cooperative running it is certainly making lots and lots of money. One of the more interesting observations is that a number of customers who has these little bandages on their arms (presumably after having their blood samples taken) are really having a feast. Most people who have their blood samples have to fast the night before and after having their blood taken are of course anxious to break their fast.

I used to be one of these people. It's interesting that - one is the fasting bit, but the other is that, it is like an exam, a few days before your blood samples is taken, you behave like an angel so that you blood samples supposedly show the good stuff. You know - like passing an examination. You study hard and then the exam. After the exam, you let your hair down and hence the trip to the cafetaria. You see all these people with their arms tucked in and them tucking into the food with gusto. Maybe someone from the medical community can tell us whether behaving well for a few days before the blood samples will show the 'right' results or whether this behaviour is any good.

I have to admit that the hospital is a really busy social place and that all our doctors and nurses are working very hard. That women and children's hospital I hope will be built soon. At least that will remove the burden from RIPAS. Let me also highlyight a blog which is run by a group of Brunei doctors who deserve all the support they can get at


Pg Runa said…
Yup I must admit that RIPAS hospital is certainly increasing its capability and image. Just the other day, I was having my eyes checked and they found out I got fluid accumulating behind my left eye which unable me to see clearly. I was immedietely treated with various procedures and lastly a Laser operation to cure my problem. The whole procs took like a good half day and best of all its FREE!!! I would have estimated the whole procedures may easily cost B$1,000.00. Man... Thank You Your Majesty and Syukur Alhamdullilah.

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