Fiscal Monetary Review Q4 2007

The other day, I got a copy of the Fiscal Monetary Review, a publication done by the Ministry of Finance. When I was at MOF, I was part of the process and we have always tried to do it probably with a quarter or two quarter lag. At times we failed. I have not seen a copy since I left MOF in January and I was wondering what happen to it. Finally this one showed up.

Published in November 2008 for Quarter 4 2007 - four quarters out. Nevertheless it is here. The data is out of date now given that the oil prices have completely crashed. Q4 of 2007 was still showing positive results especially on the revenue side. If you can see the table above, you can see the surpluses piling up but I am sure with Q4 of 2008 and probably the entire 2009, those surpluses will be going back in to cover the shortages of revenues expected to cover expenses. Click on the photo above if want to read the data about expenses and revenues over the last 10 quarters.

I have scanned the entire 16 page document and I can email it to anyone who wants one. I will also try to upload it to my library at


si Carik Hati said…
Look at that! that figure shows us how dependent we are to oil and gas industry. I personally would not think such statistic reflect Q1 for 2009 as the oil price slumps to USD40/barrel.

By the way, do you have any stats where it indicates how many percent of brunei's investment goes abroad?


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