Brunei $1 1967

Over the last two years, I have slowly been collecting all the Brunei currency notes. We do not have that many issues as Brunei has only been issuing its currency notes since 1967. I did not realise how difficult it was. This particular $1 note with Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III is not that easy to get. I do have more than a dozen with me but some of them are paid not at the price you would have imagined. This $1 note if you go to the bank and change it for a new one, you will get exactly $1. Guess how much this is currently sold on ebay?

If your answer is about $10, you are far off. On ebay, an uncirculated $1 note is currently being offered at US$90 ($135 our money). This $1 note is worth 135 times what it used to be. So if you have a lot of these notes, keep them or sell them for around US$90 each.

Even the 1 cent (copper red colour) which you despised and try to get rid off all the time, is no longer available. All the 1 cents you get today is the new 1 cent (zinc copper yellow colour). That old 1 cent is no longer worth 1 cent. It struck me home yesterday when I was at the supermarket, I got all these yellow coloured 1 cent coins. Sometimes you don't realise what you missed until you don't see them anymore.


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