Bangar and Old Text Book

When we were in Temburong for our ministry's away day, I took sometime off to visit Bangar. I was not allowed to take part in OBBD's activities because of my rather too heavy frame and other associated medical problems. So I missed out on the rafting and the intentional overturning of the rafting where every passenger ended up in the water. I certainly missed not being thrown in the cold water of the Temburong River.... not!

Anyway, while all my colleagues were having 'fun' in the water, I went to Bangar with Zainal Tinggal, the Mind Over Matter consultant. Even though I have been to Temburong a few times this year, I have never actually seen or visited the shops in Bangar. I managed to drop in to the TAP branch at Bangar. I remembered when I was the Managing Director for TAP, the management team would visit the Bangar branch once every month. The TAP Branch is a two man operation and the visit would last something like 10 minutes. This branch knows all the employers in Temburong and if there is any late payment of contribution, that employer would get a personal call from the branch manager.

We found one bookshop or the nearest equivalent to a bookshop in Bangar. Bookshops in Brunei are not known for their flair in displaying their books. This one takes particular pride in hiding books. While browsing, I found somewhere hidden at the back, this particular book. This is an old Primary School history text book writeen some 22 years ago (1986).

I don't know what the new primary school history text books look like. This one is interesting as it contains many things about Brunei that I want to know about. It did not read like a reading for 9 year olds. It had photographs that will appear in this blog in the future. So to me, it is an interesting find for a book that only cost $3. Whether the other two copies which that bookshop still has will ever be sold will be an interesting question.

The only inaccuracy that I could gather was this one. As far as I can tell, the prehistoric humans and dinosaurs did not belong to the same era. Dinosaurs belong to the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic eras many millions of years ago. Modern human is said to be about 40,000 years ago. It has been argued that the only reason why these two species did not meet was because no one ever found fossils of the two species. Though, the Creationists have been arguing strongly against this argument. I leave it at that.


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