Brunei Economic Bulletin September 2008

The Economic Planning and Development Department (JPKE) issued two publications recently. One I have already highlighted which was the handbook. The other was the first issue of Volume 6 of the Brunei Economic Bulletin. This was published in September and released last month.

I wanted to put up the link of the pdf of the bulletin but surprisingly JPKE only had the link to the May issue. I guess if you want the pdf copy, you would have to wait. If someone from JPKE is reading this, please put up the latest pdf. You got the old pdf there. So there, hopefully by the time you get to reading this, JPKE would have put up the latest bulletin on line.

The report only covers Quarter 1 of 2008 so it is slightly out of date and has not captured the latest economic crisis that the world is facing. But then the data was already showing signs of trouble. Economic growth for the Q1 was already down 4.9% year on year. Total loan increased by 29.5% but the size of NPL (non performing loans) at least was down to 9.9% compared to 11.4% the previous quarter. Fiscal surplus was up - during Q1, oil price was still high. Though inflation (measured through CPI) was up 1.4%. Production of Brunei's crude oil was around 192,633 barrels a day, although high is 5% lower that the same period last year, though LNG production increased 5.6%.

The Bulletin also covers four additional articles - all useful to economists - the progress of RKN project implementation, inflation dynamics across different types of household consumption basket, a macro overview of the rise in food prices and its implications on food security, and BEDB's update on oil and gas downstream activities.

If you need a copy badly, write to JPKE.


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