Yesterday was just spend the day away during the holiday kind of thing. We did not have any specific plan but just to jalan-jalan makan angin if I may use the phrase. We found ourselves at an old place in Singapore, the Plaza Singapura. Plaza Singapura is one of the oldest shopping centre in Singapore. I remembered the place when I was already here for my secondary education at Telok Kurau in 1976. Yet, in 1976, Plaza Singapura was already well established. It must be close to 40 years old.

From what I can see yesterday is that what's amazing for a building that's 40 years old is that it has kept to pace with its competitors along Orchard Road. I can't remember a building in Brunei which has managed to keep pace with its competitors. Most of our buildings, once they have lost to other competitors, generally began a downward spiral to oblivion.

Anyway, one of the ways that Plaza Singapura has kept up to date was by having a 10 cinemas cineplex run by Golden Village. We checked the schedule and we found that Bolt was playing. I have no idea what Bolt was all about. All I know was that it was another Disney's animated movie and to me that was good enough to enable me to purchase two adults (at $8.50 each) and a child's ticket (at $6.50) to watch the movie.

Generally I have a pretty good idea what a movie was all about before I walked in. This time I did not even have time to read a review or a sypnosis of the movie. So I walked in totally not knowing the story line. I was pleasantly surprised about the movie and certainly enjoyed the movie. There were parts of the movie which was hillarious but generally it was all ok fun. You know the usual Disney stuff. I don't want to spoil your Bolt experience so I won't say anything about it. Other than it is fun. So go and spend your hard earned money watching it.


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