Xibit - Brunei's Very Own Comic

Do you know what this is? This is Brunei's very own comic book. Forget the Marvels, the DC Comics, the Dark Horse etc. This is Brunei's own brand comic. Written by Bruneian, drawn by Bruneian and printed by Bruneian. You can't get this anywhere else by in Brunei.

The Xibit team's project coordinator is Ambuyart and there are 6 featured artists in the comic made up of Emerald, Fay, San San, Rezuan, Yee Xin and Miao. Ambuyart you should know, he draws cartoons for Borneo Bulletin.

The comic book is available for $3.50 and I was able to get my copy at Bismi in Delima Satu. So, it is fairly accessible.
The stories are interesting. The comic is made up of several stories, all in the style of tales from the crypt or very science fictionalish.

I enjoyed it. The story line was nice and the drawings were fantastic. This is just s sample of them.

So, go get them already.


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