Brunei International Airport 1970s

Speaking of airports, it took us 4 hours to get a visa on arrival in Tehran. My LO commented on why not enough people come to Iran, I remembered that 4 hours. I do hope that our own visa on arrivals do not take 4 hours to process.

Anyway, this not too old postcard of Brunei is the current airport minus its new air bridges. In the 1970s, one had to walk down the ramps on the sides of the airport and then get on the stairs to get up on the airplanes. Similarly for arriving passengers, one had to walk up the ramp to get to arrival lounge. It must be the late 1980s that the airbridges were being built.


Siti Merdewi said…
I was wondering why Brunei International Airport 1970s all of a sudden.., We certainly need to upgrade the airport..however i hope people who wish to visit Brunei doesn't take 3-4 hours to get a visa like Tehran.


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