Infamous Brunei Video

I was very curious when a news search about Brunei gave me a news article about the Royal Marines of UK and Malaysia. Raised eyebrows. I linked up to the news site and found a news article entitled " Royal Marines advert 'portayed Malaysians as terrorists' ". The news clip is here for you to read:

The 45 second clip , which was airing in cinemas and on the Royal Marines’ website, showed a man on a beach firing an AK47 in the air while he shouting in the Malay language: “I'm the most evil man in the world. Come fight with me. I will kill you all.”

The advertisement cost around £1 million to make.

“We regret that this recruitment advertisement has been interpreted that Malaysians could be involved in terrorism,” said Anton Hanney, a Navy spokesman. “Having been made aware of the potential for offence it was immediately withdrawn from the recruitment website and from cinemas.”

He said the film was made in Brunei and the Malay language was used because the actor happened to be from neighbouring Malaysia.

A Malaysian MP complained about the campaign on Tuesday.

“They have withdrawn the video on their own accord. It’s a good gesture on their part,” Zainal Abidin Bakar, a Malaysian foreign ministry official, said. “They’ve realised their mistake and the sensitivity of the Malay community.”

The video’s English voice-over describes a Royal Marine commando as a terrorist’s “worst nightmare”, whose best friend is pain.

What gets me is that the film was made in Brunei. That's interesting. Wow! I actually saw the video on youtube and linked here. Probably the first video to be made in Brunei to be banned anywhere.


Al-Qadr said…
Wonder if MinDef's Intelligence picked it up before or only after you have stumbled on your search. Hope the million pound budget for the video production is not part of the Brunei-UK Defence Pact expenditure, if ever there is such a budgetary arrangement, that is..

Extract of Brunei Darussalam's Ministry of Defence website:
"The role of Directorate of Intelligence are as follows:

0 Render intelligence services to Ministry of Defence and Royal Brunei Armed Forces in a timely, accurate, objective and useful fashion.
0 Ensure internal security vetting.
0 Act as the point of contact for all foreign defence and military organisation to Ministry of Defence and Royal Brunei Armed Forces.
0 Train and guide Ministry of Defence and Royal Brunei Armed Forces personnel in intelligence and security activities".

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