Workbooks and Stationery

Even in our land of plenty, there are still groups of people who needed assistance. The other day, our head honcho of the Investment agency mentioned that his agency's staff provides a collection to needy students. This year he already had a phone call from a Principal if they could help pay for 15 students' books and stationery requirements. Kudos to the agency's staff for making such generous contributions.

Last Sunday, I was at one of the bookstore buying my usual few copies of Brunei Times for me to distribute to my parents and relatives - this one had my article on 'Berjanawari'. Anyway, while there, I realised that there are assistance to needy students. The shop accepted the Crown Prince's Fund vouchers for books. Aha! the Crown Prince's Fund (Dana Pengiran Muda untuk Anak-Anak Yatim) has provided the assistance for orphans. I met a former staff and she was also buying books for her nephews and nieces (their father, her brother had passed away) using vouchers from Tabung Anak-Anak Yatim. Wow! I did not realise that there are already two huge donors in action for orphans. If you have not been contributing to the funds, I would urge you to do so. They do such fine work.

So there are assistance for orphans. But, there is a missing group here - the needy - those who are not orphans but whose parents find making ends difficult. According to my staff, even by going to free government school, there are still things that need to be bought such as exercise and workbooks, stationery and school uniforms - children grow up quickly. It still cost more than $50 per child, and if you have lots of children, that sum will add up quickly. Starting this year, civil servants get paid their bonuses early, so that helped. But not everyone worked for the government. Anyway, my point is - if there are any teachers out there reading this post, and you think there are needy ones among your students for books and stationery and who are not getting help, email me admin(at)bruneiresources(dot)com and I will see what I can do.


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