Information Department Calendar 2008

I never thought I will be talking about a calendar. But the new wall calendar issued by the Information Department caught my eye when it landed in my in-tray last Saturday afternoon. So okay it's 5 days after the New Year but I forgive this one.

The Information Department used 'imbasan' - looking into the past - as their theme for this calendar. Every month, there are 2 or 3 old photographs of Brunei asserting a certain theme, for instanace, transportation, and then a small modern photograph to show how far we have moved since then. Old photographs - my speciality.

I must admit the photographs are in good condition as Information Department must have got them closer to their origin but I do have most of them, apart from one or two which I have not seen before. But most people would not have seen these photographs. So the photographs themselves are worth a lot and this is one calendar which one should keep even after the end of 2008.

Anyway, you get my drift. It is a GOOD calendar. I am not sure how to get one, but it's worthwhile asking the Information Department for one. To Cikgu Murni (head honcho for Information) - well done!


SoulJah said…
Thank goodness my dad still works in the Info Department, as we still get them whenever new year rolls in. I haven't really perused all the pictures, yet, maybe because of this post, I will

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