Islamic Religious Ministers of Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore says Supporting IS harms Islam

Minister of Religious Affairs, Pg Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad, is seen with other MABIMS religious ministers

Supporting IS harms Islam
Posted date: December 05, 2014

| Azlan Othman |

RELIGIOUS ministers from Brunei Darussa-lam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (MABIMS) have expressed their profound concerns on the political situation in Islamic countries in Syria, Yemen, Palestine and others and prayed for the conflict to end and peace restored.

This was highlighted in a statement at the end of their 16th informal meeting in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday.

Brunei’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Pg Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad bin Pg Hj Abdul Rahman, attended the event.

The ministers rejected the use of ‘jihad’ for acts promoting extremism, radicalism and terrorism; rejected any forms of extremism, radicalism and terrorism in the name of Islam; condemned any sort of inhumane act in the name of Islam resulting in the loss of life and leading to physical disabilities, trauma and poverty in the economic context; rejected the gathering of extremists, radicals and terrorists; and urged everyone, especially youth, not to engage in extremism and radicalism or follow any movement that promotes terrorism.

The ministers also urged society to be cautious against any forms of activities that drive towards extremist, radical and terrorist acts and called on all the Muslim communities not to support the Islamic State (IS) movement of any sort, as IS is a terrorist movement using the name of Islam. Supporting IS means harming Islam and endangering the future of the nation, they added.

The 40th MABIMS Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) will be held in Brunei Darussalam next year while the 41st SOM and Ministerial Meeting will be held in Malaysia.

The MABIMS meeting carried the theme ‘Religion as a Blessing for Mankind’, which dictates that religion guides mankind on the true pathway and prohibits any wrongdoings.

The theme also stressed that the Ummah in this region plays a significant role towards the development and unity of the people and the nation.

During their meeting in Bali, a book marking the 25th anniversary of MABIMS was launched. The book portrays the cooperation among regional religious ministers on Islamic matters that could uphold the effectiveness of development in their respective countries.


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