The Brunei Window Washer

I was checking through the list of books about Brunei on when I saw this book entitled "The Brunei Window Washer".

When I opened up the book using amazon's "click to look inside", it was a story about a Bruneian by the name of Chai working at a grand hotel in Brunei as a window washer. Of course it is not a true story but one that was made up and for what you may ask?

Since the book is written by James D Kirkpatrick and Wender Kayser Kirkpatrick, I checked their website at and these are the reasons why you must read the book:-

Every organization in the world faces the same challenge: How do we accomplish our highest goals with the time, money, resources and people available to us?

No matter how lofty the goal, achievement happens one person and one action at a time.

This book tells the endearing story of Chai, the Brunei Window Washer. Through his experiences, you will learn the secrets of developing a team that cares about their customers and the overall mission of the business.

Chai embodies the traits that employers want to see in every member of their team. He gets his job done while also providing memorable customer service that really makes a connection with resort guests.

A clear discussion of the Kirkpatrick Model follows this quick read, pulling in elements of Chai’s experience to demonstrate how building business partnership using this model can help you and your organization to engage the talents of every employee and achieve your highest goals.

It is very interesting that the Kirkpatricks used a Brunei window washer for their discussion. Amazon sells the book for $24.95 if you want a copy of it.


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