Brunei's Superwater Exported

Our Brunei companies do not export much outside Brunei. Whenever a local company managed to do that, we should all be proud of that achievement. I saw this news on The Brunei Times and I must share this:
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - LOCAL bottled water brand Rainfresh Super-Oxygenated Water will soon be available in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Romania following the signing of an international partnership deal between Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd, the local producer, and foreign distributors yesterday.

After a five-year stint on the local market, Superwater Marketing, which produces Rainfresh, will be exporting the bottled water as part of the Rainfresh's expansion plan.

Superwater Marketing's managing director, Yong Teck Foo, said a 20-ft container of Rainfresh bottled water was shipped to Romania on October 12, the first Bruneian product of any description to be exported to the eastern European country.

A second shipment of bottled water to Malaysia is awaiting final approval from the country's Ministry of Health.

"As a small country, we do not have sufficient market size to support the business. Therefore, right at the onset, we have set out to try and get our products out to the bigger overseas market," Yong said.

The firm's expansion plan was supported by the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) through its Promising Local Enterprise Development Scheme, a programme that helps local companies tap into overseas markets.

"With the financial assistance from the BEDB under its Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme, we will be able to cushion the cost of introducing our products in a new marketplace overseas," Yong said.

The local bottled water producer received help from the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources to meet international quality standards, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade supported its entry into its target markets.

"There are so many water brands out there, with numerous prices and types. We are also up against branded beverages produced by major players in the world and the competition both locally and abroad has been very stiff," Yong said on the sidelines of the contract signing at The Empire Hotel & Country Club yesterday.

He added: "As an emerging company, we do not possess the tremendous resources of the bigger brands for advertising and public relations. Despite all these obstacles, with the support and help of the Brunei government, we have faith and we still believe that a small company like ours can make it."

The firm has also signed a deal with Malaysia's MS Megah Marketing to distribute the bottled water.

To meet additional overseas demand, Yong said the company planned to boost production from 30,000 boxes to 300,000 boxes per month with the establishment of a 15,000-square-foot production facility at Muara Port.

"With the help of the various agencies, we are able to embark on building a new and bigger facility at Muara Port that will enable us to increase production for the export market," he said.

The company yesterday also revealed plans to launch a new line of healthy energy, fibre and vitamin drinks that will be sold domestically and abroad.

Signing on behalf of Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd yesterday was chairperson Pg Hjh Mariam Pengiran Bendahara Pg Muda Hj Hashim.

Witnessing the signing ceremony was Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and BEDB Chairman Dato Paduka Hj Ali Apong.

"We are pleased to see companies such as Superwater Marketing looking beyond the domestic market and taking the bold step of expanding overseas in search of further growth," Dato Paduka Hj Ali said.

"I am confident that one day, we shall see our own Brunei companies make a mark in the regional and international arena."

Incorporated in 2005, Superwater Marketing was the first bottled water company in the country to obtain ISO 9001-2008 certification. The company expects to get HACCP certification, funded by the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, in February 2013.

Yong said Rainfresh's production process, which uses German technology, involved a series of filters and continuous aeration with ozone.

Rainfresh claims its water has six times more dissolved oxygen than other drinking water products on the market, and has a longer shelf life.

- The Brunei Times -


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