Sabah and Sarawak stamps used in Brunei

These stamps ended their ebay auctions last night. Even though I put a bid, I don't think my bid is high enough and I am still smarting from the postcard purchases. Anyway, it ended somewhere around midnight and the winning bid was in the US$150+ range about twice the amount of my highest bid.

Why did I try to get these stamps? These stamps are fairly unusual, well at least one of them is unusual. Most people who read this blog would have known by now, Brooketon (Muara) was governed by Rajah Brooke. Rajah Brooke bought the coal concessions in Muara and technically he owned the lease to mine the coal. But he brought more than just workers, he also brought in his own men and police to man the entire town. In fact he ran Muara as part of Sarawak. That is why Sarawak stamps bearing the cancellation of Brooketon can be found.

What's unusual? The Sabah stamps. I cannot imagine why Sabah stamps are used in Brooketon. Sabah or rather North Borneo then was administered and run by the North Borneo Company, rivalling Brooke's in Sarawak. I have to read more about this one of these days.


Anonymous said…
Salam Bro, what year were the stamps used? Maybe at that time the British North Borneo Company (BNCB) was not oficially formed yet.

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