Pantai 5P

I was invited to this beach yesterday to officially launch it. This beach is relatively unknown and over the last few years had to undergo a face lift. Most of the beach had eroded away and our public works department had been busy putting up wave breakers. Now, you can find a nice pristine beach.

The beach is now officially known as Pantai Persiaran Pengkalan Pinang Penanjong or Pantai 5P or the 5P Beach as the Ketua Kampong yesterday said it. It is I have to admit a nice beautiful and quiet beach. Hopefully with it getting more publicity, more people will come and these same people would be nice enough to keep it in its pristine condition and NOT LITTER. Yersterday there was hardly any litter to be picked up.

The Environment, Parks and Recreation Department (JASTRe) is building 6 concrete huts for people to use as well as plant kelumunting trees. If you are old enough like me, you would remember kelumunting trees with its nice nutty fruits. Nowadays, you will be lucky to find them. The Forestry Department is also planting more kayu aru trees as part of the beach's beautification program.

If you have the time, go down to Penanjong the next weekend and welcome to the 5P Beach.


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