The Capitol Cinema

Remember I ask about this postcard sometime last month?

I bought this postcard from ebay and it was described as a cinema somewhere in Borneo. The owner of the postcard did not know where the cinema was located and thought that it was in Borneo, which could mean, Brunei, Sabah or Sarawak and possibly the Indonesian Kalimantan states. I knew there used to be a Capitol in Kuala Belait and up to now I have been searching for a photograph of it and still could not find it. I really thought this was that Capitol cinema in Kuala Belait.

Unfortunately this was not so. Many people wrote in and said this was not the Capitol in Kuala Belait. But nobody was able to tell me where this cinema was located. Finally, someone gave me a link on the internet and I saw this photograph of the cinema similar to the one above:-

This is in fact the Capitol cinema in Ipoh, Perak. The cinema was apparently built before the Second World War. However it burnt down a few years ago, so no trace of it remained.

So, I am still searching for the elusive Capitol cinema photograph in Kuala Belait.


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