Brunei Celebrations 1920

This postcard showing Brunei in 1920s is indeed one of the most rare postcards I have ever seen about Brunei. When it came out on ebay, there were more interests and I had to fight off many challengers on ebay. But I really wanted this postcard and was willing more or less to pay the earth for it which I almost did. The final bid price for the card is US$828.08 completely wiped out my budget for ebay purchases for a few months.

But for whatever it is worth, I managed to bring this card back from Japan and this will no doubt contribute towards my research on Brunei history. Many questions arise just by looking at the postcard. What kind of celebrations was this? Where was it held? Who attended it? What kind of dresses did Bruneians wear? What flag was being waved? There are many important elements about Brunei which no one knows about in the 1920s.


Anonymous said…
looks like it was during the japanese occupation. notice japanese the flag though
that's what struck me.. i am having a careful look at the flag under magnifying glass but the rest of the crowds are not Japanese...
Anonymous said…
Didn't the Japanese occupation in Brunei happen in the 1940s, sometime in 1945++?..
zeaq said…
1k? for a post card?? Nice collection BTW.
Anonymous said…
Maybe this was taken before the war. Its possible the Japanese were visiting Brunei during the first World War because they were fighting the Germans who were holding New Guinea.

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