Views from the Rivers of Tutong

Where was this photo taken? Believe it or not, this is in Brunei and not in some other countries. Unfortunately not many can see this view as we are mostly restricted by the roads or rather we generally follow the roads and see only those views. This particular scenery is taken from Sungai Telamba and this is actually the Pasir Putih area extending all the way to the river. From afar it really reminded me of vaguely the white cliffs of Dover.

Over the last few weeks, we have been accompanying our minister visiting the waterways of Brunei. We did the rivers of Brunei and over the last week, we have been visiting the waterways of Tutong. On Thursday we were heading towards the direction of Sungai Telamba and last Wednesday we were heading towards the direction of Sungai Tutong. The latter is of utmost importance as this is the one that always cause flood havocs in that area. This river is also very important to Bruneians as this is the same waterways where the water is collected at Layong and Bukit Barun to feed our fresh water needs. Here are views taken along the journeys along those rivers and waterways.

Tutong view from the river.

Another Tutong view from the river.

As we headed out towards the open sea before going back into the Telamba River, the weather turned nasty. When the rains fell, each droplet felt like a bullet as we shot through the rain. We were just huddled together silent. Everyone of us trying to protect our faces.

The views after the rain were much better!

This is the historic Danau jetty. When the two bridges over Sungai Tutong and Sungai Telamba were not yet built, there was no way to connect Brunei/Tutong to Kuala Belait and Seria. The only way was by ferry from Danau connecting to Penabai. This jetty was used until 1958. In that year, in fact on Christmas Day on that year, the Jalan Tutong connecting the three districts of Brunei was finally opened. This jetty was abandoned overnight. Businesses depended on the jetty traffic moved out. The two famous restaurants CA Mohamed and KK Koya were the two that survived on in other parts of Brunei.


Anonymous said…
Assalamualaikum. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your effort in making this blogspot really useful, informative and interesting. I believe that most people do not know much about the history of Sungai Telamba and Sungai Penyatang rivers. Indeed, these two rivers contributed important roles for linking people from Belait to other districts. Futhermore, Kampong Telamba is one of the oldest kampongs in Tutong district. Based from the book that I read, Tutong ethnics who were belived to be migrated from Sungai Baram used to stay together with The Dusuns ethnics in Kampong Telamba and Kg Sungai Penyatang before they moved to Lurah Saban and finally to the existing villages nowdays. There was also one tribe known as 'Madi' where their cultures were similar to the Muruts culture. Initially, they were known to stay somewhere in Mukim Bukit Sawat but they ran away due to the Kayan headhunters who came from Sg Baram in Sarawak. This 'Madi' tribe lived peacefully with the Dusuns of Telamba but unfortunately, they became extinct due to the headhunting activities. The remaining people of 'Madi' tribe got married with other tribes. Finally, their language was no longer spoken ang only some words could be remberer by the olden.

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