Sailing in Brunei

The other day when I attended the briefing given by the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, I remembered vividly the presentation made by the Sailing in Brunei people. If you want to read more about sailing in Brunei, you can browse through Reeda's excellent blog or David Cheok's also excellent blog on the Petima, a Danish saling boat on Brunei Bay.

What I wanted to point out though was that around 50 years ago, sailing was quite common to the Kampong Ayer people. Engines were only available around 1950s and before that, we have sailing boats used by fishermen. The first photo was taken at the turn of the 20th century and the other two are relatively new.


Pg Runa said…
We can relive these sailing sceneries by inviting the Royal Brunei Yacth Club and Windsurfers to hold a yacth sailing race around kampong air in conjunction with 25th national Day? That would be a nice picts to shoot!

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