The Brunei Tourist

Last saturday, I attended a talk given by the Tourism Department at MIPR. That day was our ministry's turn to be given the tourism talk about what's available in Brunei. I was quite reluctant to go but I went so as to support the initiative. BUT I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the talks and very much enjoyed it in the end.

At first I was expecting it to be one of those dreary types of presentation. The department has more or less got it right now. There is a focus on the 10 things of what it can focus on. And the companies that were there which gave the talks as well were very good in doing their presentations.

We had Sheraton, Empire, the Yacht boat company and Sunshine. I did not realise the extent of the products which these companies had and the promotions that go with them. Sheraton's passport is a good loyalty program. The yacht offered many pacakages and Sunshine, I did not know before, apparently offers many products from the Uluulu Resort in Temburong to a boat ride along the mangrove forests of Brunei.

We were also given free KNK (Kenali Negara Kitani) products including t-shirts (they have thoughtfully given me a 3XL though it is still too small unfortunately), car sunshades etc.

The most interesting gift was this magazine. I have always envied countries like Singapore which have interesting magazines about their country at the hotel rooms with information about what's going on etc. I did not realise that the biG magazine is Brunei's equivalent. The magazine is available through hotels, flights, restaurants etc. It is not only useful to tourists but to us as well. If ever you get hold of one, read it. You will be surprised of the facts about Brunei that you did not know before.


CuboiArt said…
I ve got a copy of that magazine & I impress with the content & print quality. refreshing eh.

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