Money (Not that Old) Part II

Yesterday, I was talking about the $1 Malaya Borneo note. Today is the other note - the $10. This one is relatively newer as it was issued in 1961 by the Malaya and British Borneo Board of Commissioners of Currency. So it was only 6 years old when the three countries issued their own currency notes in 1967.

Most people called this 'duit kerabau' and even the ma cik selling the note in the tamu refused to budge from $230 price when I first bought the note from her two years ago. There are two versions of this note, the difference being the alphabet accompanying the serial number on the note. The note with the larger A cost more than the little A and the difference can be twice as much sometime.

Interestingly enough on this note too, you can see that the Brunei crest has become the modern Brunei crest you see today complete with the two hands. The crest that appeared on the $1 note yesterday did not thave the two hands. Prices for this note range from about $150 upwards and can be as expensive as $500 or more for an uncirculated one. If your dad or grandad has one, keep it. It will become more valuable in the future.

I actually forgot to mention yesterday that you can visit the Brunei Currency Board Gallery at the Ministry of Finance. Here you can see every single note that Brunei had used since time immemorial. This also include all the old coins. You can also see how the notes are being made. So go visit. The Board has not put up a gallery website and a friend and I created one for them. Click here.


James Wong said…
Good sharing! Interesting! Thanks Rozan!
Shenun said…
very bad when i re-checked my notes collection (lama udah nda bjangkau) i only have A PHOTOCOPY one!! hahaha my dad gave me years ago. its $10 note seriel number A/12 712090 issued 1st March 1961. i wish its a REAL note hehe..

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