Bruneians on the River 1920s

I first saw this postcard on a postal history book about Brunei stamps. I used it for one of my article sometime last year when I was writing about 'berjanawari'. I was really surprised and excited when it came out on ebay the other day. So I put a bid which I thought would deter people off and for a while it did. I did not see any bid coming close to it BUT I lost it this morning. The winning bid for this 80+ year old postcard of Brunei was US$105.00. Aaargh....

Anyway, I borrowed this image since I could not get hold of the original anymore. This is a scene of Kampong Ayer which is pretty obvious. I have no idea what was happening but I guessed it was berjanawari. Berjanawari was a time when there were lots of boat races and festival on water. The word comes from January and most likely it was a new year celebration of sorts. I wanted to put a link to the entry about it and when I could not find it, that's when I realised that this is one of the few articles which I did not put up on this blogsite.

If you look at the crowd on the river, there were certainly lots of people. This was more than 80 years ago.


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