The Prisons Department Band

During the fasting month, I should not be talking about bands or anything like that. But I thought I will do a short plug on one of the hidden treasures of music in Brunei.

The other day, we were feting our two retiring PSs and other officials. After dinner, there was a band performance. I have never heard of the Prison Department's band, so I was not expecting much. But after hearing them especially their MC/Leader, I have to admit this band is good. Really good. So if after the fasting month, you need a band to help you with anything, I would really recommend contacting the Prison Department for their band performances. And you don't have to worry about escaping prisoners because these are the wardens which formed the members of the band. Though I don't know how much the band would cost but I presumed it is worth every penny that you pay for.

If you need backup singers, I did not realise our own ministry also has capable singers (seriously you all were great - especially DPS Zain who sang Soldier of Fortune, The Final Countdown and Isabella):-


Al-Qadr said…
DPS singin' the blues, eh!:) By popular demand, put that "Songkok Rocker" on 'Youtube', BRo! Hehehe:)

Yup, couldn't agree more with you, BRo, the "Warders' Band" is a real happenin' local musical group. A
few years back, they performed for SSEAYP International (hosted by BERSATU) in Centrepoint Hotel and all the Japanese and ASEAN Youth participants had a whale of a time!

Now, back to Fasting concentration and Praying focus, BRo!:) Selamat Berpuasa Ya Ramadan Kareem Mubarak!
Siti Merdewi said…
wow! very good band and talented singers indeed..alum lagi DPS menyanyi Daniell tu..believe me mun ia menyanyi lagu ani memang payah memagang kan menari saja rasa ani bah astah...jua lagi kalau menyuruh DPS menyanyi petuanya biar orang lain dulu suruh otherwise inda lapas microphone atu..nda ada peluang.hahaha! Jangan marah ah Puasa ni..karang batal puasa..
rina said…

Mcm bagus band ani. Tapi di mana ku kan kontek Prisons Dept Band ani ? Ada kita contact address and siapa kan di kontek?

Utk perform dlm function kami bulan 11.

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