Just Like the Others

What can 4 good Bruneian singers and a Malaysian producer come up with? A surprisingly good CD. 'Seperti Yang Lain' is the product of that combination. 4 Brunei singers - Fakhrul Razi, Fairuneezan, Faiz and Sri Nazrina produced the album under Julfekar, a Malaysian producer who owns MillenniumArt Sdn Bhd. The album was produced with the cooperation of Brunei's Phuture Phase Productions.

All the singers have won singing competitions in Brunei as well as have performed on stage, on televisions and have represented Brunei in some of the bilateral Brunei-Malaysia, Brunei-Singapore, Brunei-Thailand productions. Fakhrul Razi also worked on National Radio as well as being a Rampai Pagi presenter. The singers have experience on their side. There are 12 songs, so each presented 3 songs each. On two of those 12 songs, Farawahida, another Malaysian singer also did a duet with Fakhrul Razi and Fairuzneezan.

Their CD was launched recently which I must have missed. I remembered reading an article in one of those Malaysian entertainment magazine about the CD and that was a couple of months back. I found the CD last Sunday at the Mall and this was priced at $19.00. I would have put up the songs here but these are our local singers who need to earn from their singing. So go buy the CD and listen to yourself how their singing goes. I will give you a hint .... they are good.... Though I don't quite agree with the title - 'seperti yang lain' or 'just like the other' implied this is nothing special. I disagree with that.


Al-Qadr said…
I agree to disagree with you, BRo:)

I also disagree with our own Bruneian music lovers who do not support Bruneian musicians and singers with their whole hearts and souls. In fact, if we as Bruneians, listen more to our own budding artistes and give them our utmost encouragement, they too can go places and compete on the international stage. I am quite impressed with one of the younger, upcoming Bruneian singers, Maria..

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