Brunei during the 2nd World War

For my article this Sunday on Brunei Times, I wrote about the history of Brunei during the Second World War. I sent a number of photographs to Brunei Times but I think only one or two are usually selected. So in case you are still wondering how the other photos look like, here they are in full:-

These are Australian soldiers along Jalan Muara. They landed in December 1944 and marched from Muara to recapture Brunei Town.

Brunei Bay was used by the Japanese Naval Forces. These are Warships Yamato, Musashi and Nagato.

Allied Forces capturing a Japanese soldier.

Brunei Town was virtually flattened by the British and Allied Forces. I personally disagreed why this has to be done. We virtually had to restart Brunei Town in the 1950s.

This is a scene I hope will no longer be repeated in Brunei. Our own countrymen running away from Seria. You can see Seria burning in the background smoke.

Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin did not have anything to do with the Japanese. The Japanese treated him still as the Sultan and paid him a pension.

If you want to read the article in full, go to any book store and buy a copy of the Brunei Times Sunday edition.


The Network said…
Salam Mr. Rozan Yunos,

It was a simplified and interesting short article about Sultan Ahmad Tajudin and what attracted me most was the picture of your Sultan posing together with his Personal Assistants and one of them happens to be my late great grandfather. My mother and myself was so flabbergasted and felt honoured. This has ignited myself to do a research about my family background. keep up the god work

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