Save Water - Save the Environment

According to Department of Water Services yesterday, we used about 450 litres of water a day for which we only get charged 5 cents (if you had to buy Sehat Water, that will be equal to $240). How do we use up 450 litres a day? On average, you used up about half that to take your bath and your shower; about 12% to flush the toilet, 5% to wash clothes, 5% for your plants, 5% for cleaning yourself after toilet, 4% to wash your car, 4% to wash the toilet, 3% to wash the dishes and the remainder for other things.

There are many ways to save water. If you turn off your shower while soaping you can save 155 litres a day, if you use half flush (if your toilet has half flush) you can save about 29 litres a day, if you water your plants using a watering can, you can save another 91 litres a day. There are many ways to save water.

The problem is that the demand for water in Brunei is increasing. The government cannot keep on supplying water without damaging the environment. We already have a few dams around the country without us realising it. The next dams will have to be bigger and will definitely destroy the surrounding habitat and the environment.


CiliQueen said…
Brunei does not buy water from other countries like Malaysia..right? well, if not then they better learn how to save water...buying water from other countries can lead to some serious 'unwanted' between SG & MY :)
Fraees said…
How about collecting rain water at home for a change? They can be used for bathing, washing cars and watering plants among other things.

I recently visited a remote village in Northern Borneo where piped water have not yet reached the populace. So they utilise the roofs of their homes and huge water tanks to collect and store water for daily use. During the dry seasons they pump up water from a nearby river. They also buy a lot of bottled water for drinking.
Al-Qadr said…
It is kind of bizarre that we seem to take water for granted without realising for a fact that H2O is much more expensive than oil!:(

We see water here, there and everywhere and think that it is inexhaustible and sustainable...

Well, we will pray hard for rain and water when dry days come...;)

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