Brunei's Beauty Queen Pageant

In the 1950s and 1960s, Brunei still have beauty queen pageants. In those days, I was told that the contestants did not wear bikinis or swimming suits but the much more modest baju kebaya. But even then those were the days. I don't know who these winners were. It would be interesting if they could tell us how it was like in those days.


Anonymous said…
The lady in the middle looks like my grandaunt- Azizah Marsal. I remember being told, as a kid, that she was once a Miss Brunei but I didn't take it seriously because I didn't really think Brunei would have such competition. Hehe.

Guess, it is true then :)
my mum was once a ratu kebaya in the 60s. That is why my dad married her as he had fallen head over hills on her. anyway mr BR good picture ;-)9
View from NY said…
Apparently the contests were held in SOAS hall and at the PGGMB hall. I love the 60s! There is so much character!
I like the beauty of Brunei I have many friends there.

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