Roads Galore...

There were many questions about roads yesterday at the Leg Co. So I thought why not post the entire list of RKN roads that will be built from April 2008 onwards for the next 5 years. I have been told that projects can be added on later. Here are pages 192 to 194 of the NDP including that bridge ........



Al-Qadr said…
Very interesting development there on the road to 2012 until 2035 and beyond. Reminds me of a saying,"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there..."

The billion-dollar question remains i.e. Will the Temburong Bridge become a reality in our lifetime? (I am only a couple of months older than you are Mr P.S.;)

Talk about questions during this month's LegCo Sessions, I was quite disappointed last Saturday when the Education Minister was in the spotlight. A lot more relevant and important issues affecting the education of our future generation should have been brought to the fore by Honourable Members of the LegCo. Instead most questioning centred on menial matters of interest which could have been simply answered by MoE senior officials on a daily basis, if only YBs bothered to pay their offices a visit prior to the LegCo Meeting. So far, I could single out YB Dato Paduka Hj Yunos and YB Hj Shafiee Ahmad who have been asking highly pertinent questions.

I think for the Yang Berhormat Pehin Home Affairs Minister, any of the YBs could have touched on the critical unemployment issue relating to the need of some sort of Social Security and Welfare of our poor jobless or to be more precise - the much dreaded DOLE. In the Singapore Parliament recently, it was announced that families on the dole are going to get more money from the Public Assistance (PA) scheme, starting in July 2008. Of course, this particular issue should come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

On the education front, I am proud to know that Singapore is only beginning to act tough on strict licensing of private schools, colleges and higher institutions this year whereas His Majesty's Government had established the "Majlis Kebangsaan Pengiktirafan Kelulusan Brunei Darussalam" (Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council) in 1990 as well as the "Bahagian Pendidikan Swasta" (Private School Section) of the Ministry of Education to protect the interests of the Public.

However, the On-Line Education or Long Distance Degree and Post Graduate Programs as part of Continuous Education should be seriously debated. Also, a government-driven adult education scheme to help working people to gain academic qualifications at university level should be introduced just as the Singapore Government has done for its working adults to catch up...

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