No FRIDAY Posting

Just in case there is anyone out there searching for the Friday, 23rd March 2007 posting - there will be none. I have not figured out a way of how to post when I am 40,000 feet up in the sky just yet.


FlyBoy said…
Easy, pass the post to me. We have long-range HF.


Actually, if you fly long-haul with Emirates, they have internet in some of their seats.
Anonymous said…
Not sure if there are any airlines that still offer in-flight internet.

The only aircraft can offer that are that from Boeings with their Connexion link. From the beginning of the year, Boeing hs pulled out the plug on Connexion, meaning that no aircraft can offer in-flgiht internet anymore. Aircraft manufacturers are now trying to come up with something, but nothing viable is seen at the mo.

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