Indian Roads Experience

You know, a lot of people are still finding the Kiulap Roundabout to be difficult to go through. After spending four days on the Indian road, we discovered that they have a fool proof method when going through roundabout.

If you are entering into a roundabout, you have the right of way, so you can ignore all the cars going around the roundabout - they have to stop for you coming in! The first time I saw it, I had a big shock when I saw cars not stopping at all but just zooming through entering the roundabouts. Even though the Indian authorities tried to get 'our' style by putting up roadsigns for the entering cars to give way to traffic from the right, so far that does not seem to have any effect whatsover.

YPI would have an interesting time taking photographs in India. So I leave you with some of the interesting traffic photographs on Indian roads.

How many people can you fit into your bus or taxis?

But it's not just taxis that are overloaded.

You know, I often wonder who has the world's record for the closest distance when overtaking?

But Indian roads also have its own fun. These are interesting clothes worn trying to attract customers to stop at your stalls.

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