What images do we want to potray?

These comments were found on virtualtourist.com about Brunei. What a big difference in 3 years:

In August 2002 - Xinta wrote: Brunei's multi-million dollar playland complex with its free rides, sights and sounds. Early birds are attracted to the free rides, bathed in light and colour, which offer seats from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily. Popular with the elders is the ageless carousel. They mix with the kids riding a horse, a lion, a rooster and other animals as the music plays on and everybody merrily goes round. A mini train tours the complex and ends at the bump car rides. Along the way are the children's playgrounds with mazes and swings, mechanical rides, a kiddies train, a pirate ship, paddle boats, remote control boats and cars, high-tech rides, shooting gallery and pirates' den. The dinosaur's roar can scare the wits out of a youngster.

In October 2005 - Kokoryko wrote: Jerudong Park This is an attraction park, build for the Brunean 15 years ago; it was gratis until recently, but now you have to pay to have a ride on one of the attractions (chenille, grand huit, etc….) ; it is a sort of a mini Disneyworld, with all sorts of attractions. There was long time no maintenance and many attractions do not work anymore and some look dangerous; I spent about 5 mn there, it was enough for me! Near Jerudong, 15 mn drive from downtown. dont go

Which comment would you prefer?

As for other attractions in Brunei, you don't have to wait years to see the difference. These are as valid now as there were 4 years ago.

In August 2002 - dcglim wrote: The National Museum. DO NOT go! Its not worth the trip..... there is nothing to see there that is of historical significance. PLeeeease.... I've been there 3 times before.

In August 2002 - the same dcglim added: DOn't go to Serasa beach.... It was truly beautiful, a natural spit that has been cut, dredged and the remnants have been polluted utterly by the ships and the frequent visitors. Go to Jerudong beach instead. Its deserted. Its funny..... great beautiful beaches, which the locals try to destroy or if they don't they never ever use it.

Hmmmmmm....... Are these the images we want to potray?


Anonymous said…
It normally takes a generation or two before you can see a significant cultural change. Take for example smoking. My father and the generation after him smoke as a cultural norm. But the dangers and the harmful effects of smoking have forced people and governments to rethink this damaging behaviour and yet we still see social smokers and the majority of them are from the generations I mentioned earlier.

BR's article highlighted cultural behaviours which I believe transcends from social norms inherent in any society. Twenty years ago I remember seeing an advert or rather an awareness campaign by RTB to stop public littering. The scene showed a little boy throwing rubbish from inside a moving car. I still see this scene but not from a car in a TV, but on a beach in Jerudong. The little boy's parents didn't say a word! Selfish buggers!

What I'm trying to say is that we can let time takes its normal pace or we can grab time at its throat and and fast track these changes ourselves. The choice is ours and there's only us to blame for the negative comments we get of our beautiful country. By the way, I picked up the litter and put it at its rightful place, much to the amusement of my wife..

With regards to the sorry state of Jerudong and the History Museum, well all I can say is that there is absolutely no excuse! I blame poor management and lack of leadership; no clear and measurable targets, lack of any accountability and absolutely no responsibility towards the public's safety, duty of care etc etc. I give up on this one......

**I can resist anything but temptation**
Anonymous said…
Hmmmmmm....... Are these the images we want to potray?

Ooh, talk about a loaded question. ;)

If you've read The Brunei Times over the weekend, you'd have noticed the small exchange in dialogue between the Organising Committee of the recent 23rd East Asian Insurance Congress and Brunei's Tourism Development Board regarding Brunei's seemingly lack of proper public transportation (both articles available here). What was brought to light was the Tourism Board's revelation of the target tourism market which include family groups and culture & heritage seekers. As I see it, Jerudong Park is (was?) our biggest draw for families and now it is, sadly, little more than a rotting carcass. And it's also sad to hear that the museum isn't exactly getting rave reviews. Culture & heritage buffs will have to be satisfied with the 10 minute ride around Kampong Ayer.

Brunei doesn't have nightclubs nor does it allow the public sale of alcohol. I can't help but feel that we're going to be stuck with this stigma for the longest time (insert comparison to Dubai here). I'm all for niche marketing but hey, we gotta do it right.

As for JP, I don't think there's much of an incentive to do the place up right now until Brunei has "secured a regular minimum flow of visitors". Which leaves me begging the question "if we're not using JP to attract families then what are we using?"
Anonymous said…
Occasionaly, I bring my kids to the museum, especialy when the museum puts up additional exhibitions or activities. Its actually fun and informative for the whole family. JP is still fun and safe, even though not all the rides are now available. Furthermore, when night comes in, the JP is actualy more "alive" with Snow White, Cinderella, Toto the red indian (i think) etcetera. You can take photos with them as well. So you don't have to go to the Universal Studios or the Movie World. I say "Congratulations! Well Done! Keep up the Good Work" to the Museum Dept and to JP for their job well done if not better. " )
Anonymous said…
As far as I know, the management is moving to more family oriented attraction, rides and games. Due to statistics carried out by them, more young families with young children are coming to the park. And they are still coming.

They are targeting the children of those families. Once the children come, the parents will too. Children are easier to impress and easier to please.

I think its good idea. Turning the place where families can come together and spent some time to have fun. That’s what themes parks are all about. Kids to enjoy and parents to relax.

Also children attraction and rides are cheaper buy and maintain than those big rides where only a small minority are willing to play. Also by concentrating on phase 1 and 2, where the children's areas are, it will make the places livelier because if you put 100 people in those place a crowd will emerge. Crowds then will attract more crowds. If you spread those same crowd across the park it will seem empty.

I wish though more money can be invested in the park so the management can carry out its plan. As for the moment, with what little they have, they try to do what they can. So, well done to them.
Anonymous said…
Guess, Brunei Museum need a new approach in Museum marketing, advertising, press, public and community relations related to the Museum's exhibitions, public programs and outreach initiatives. With aims to establishing goals, standards and direction, as well as overseeing execution of all marketing and communications strategies and activities.
* Manage the Museum brand and positioning in all communications & collateral
* Plan and implement marketing strategies and tactics for the Museum and its programs, including exhibitions, lectures and collaborations
* Create and manage marketing plan and Strategies ( A Report by Wesley Wenhardt : Marketing Concepts and Strategies of Brunei Museums ) would help, more or less
* Serve as primary publisher , editor and creative for marketing and promotions materials. ( miss BMJ haven’t seen this few year)
* Direct Museum marketing research initiatives
* Direct all press, public and community relations efforts, including creation of press plans and goals, creation of press releases and press packets, and maintaining positive press & community relations
* Development of marketing plans and communication
* Prepare departmental goals and work plans, tracking materials, management and governance reports, etc.
* Be committed to the mission and goals of the Museum. Participate in and promote Museum events and programs outside of own department.

Someone said that he had a vision for a world class Museum. Hope that day would come. InsyAllah
Nonnie King said…
Do you have any idea who's going to buy JP's ride?

It's kinda sad knowing JP's ride on sale..
Dan said…
I am Dcglim & made those comments about the Brunei Musuem & Serasa. As a resident, I want to see Brunei do well in tourism, but I believe in being open & honest.

Brunei's greatest tourist attractions are not man-made, but actually its natural beauty. The rain forest, beaches, scuba-diving sites, rivers & inland beauty spots are all seriously underpromoted.

I have lived abroad for many years & the image Brunei is portraying to the outside world is an obscenely country with quirky ways of spending money. The Empire Hotel & Jerudong Park may be a source of pride to Bruneians, but to the outside world, we are a laughing stock.

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