I give up this Sunday

You can't take bottled water, you can't take your phone, you can't take your medications, sheesh... why the heck not. Ban everything. Not even your clothing. Think of how much savings airports will make. No more security guards and no more worries about anyone planting anything on any airplanes. The Ultimate Airline Security.

I give up. The world has gotten far too crazy for me. I can't get off it. I don't know how to get to the moon. Let me rest this Sunday.

Brunei Times, 13th August 2006

Airports step up security


THE arrival of Royal Brunei Airlines flight BI098 from London was delayed for more than an hour yesterday ``due to security reasons in London'' according to the RBA office.

In light of heightened airline security around the world, RBA issued an advisory on security measures.

Passengers were advised when passing through airport security to have their personal belongings in a single and ideally transparent plastic bag.They were to be hand searched, with footwear and other items screened by x-ray. Pushchairs and walking aids also would be screened.

Passengers boarding flights to the US were to undergo another search at the boarding gate and all liquids were to be confiscated.

RBA said it hoped the security measures would be in place for a limited period.


Anonymous said…
You are allowed medication on board flights - my mum just came back from Manchester and she was allowed her pills. But she did say that they asked her to prove that they were what they were and that she had to 'pop' them out of their plastic casing. Luckily she had her prescip papers with her at the time.
Anonymous said…
The airlines security are getting crazier everyday. They do not look into the root of the problem that lead to planes are planned to be hijacked. I am not sure wether they are being ignorant or stupid, either way it makes iconvenient to travel abroad.
Anonymous said…
Can't help myself laughing looking at the "scan pic", seems at the end, all of us will travel like the "scan pic". Oh what kind of life we have now, or may be we are too cautious and over analysed things unnecessarily...

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