Fishing in Brunei Waters

Looking for a new sports or hobby? Fishing may be your cup of tea. It's fast becoming a popular sport in Brunei. Every time I pass Kampong Ayer, along Jalan Kota Batu, I see some people fishing there. On my family outings to the Serasa Beach, I spotted more anglers, sitting and waiting patiently. At my workplace alone, I know four guys who are into fishing. They are the ones who have influenced me, indirectly, to write about fishing as a pastime activity. Fishing is a vast topic. This is about onshore fishing only, and it's “low-fat and skimmed”.

Getting ready - Be prepared to fork out extra cash for this hobby, as you'll need to get: fishing rods, reels, buckets, hooks, sinkers, weights, survival knife, folding chair, cooler, ice, net, a tool box of sorts and countless other fishing accessories. Don't forget to bring some light refreshments.

Tying the Knots - Simple snell, locked half blood, clinch, palomar and turle. These are names of fishing knots. Tying lines to hooks require some learning. You can seek reference from related books and videos. There are a total of 40 knots and 41 rigs in the Geoff Wilson's Complete Book of Fishing Knots & Rigs. Better yet, learn from more experienced anglers. There's also a Fishing Knots Clinic at Capt Fred's Fishing Supply.

Fish for the Fishes - You'll need baits to lure in the fishes. There are live baits, dead baits, natural baits and plastic baits. The bait you choose to use depends on what kind of fish you're hoping to catch. You can find and catch your own baits or you can buy them. Prawns, squids, worms, crabs, shellfish and small fishes are mostly used.

Happening Spots - There's quite a number of places where you can go fishing. Most of the fishing spots are well-known spots, like the beaches, rivers and jetties. Others are remote spots like the islands. I'm sure there are some well-kept secret spots, as the guys are keeping mum about the spots that they frequent.
  • Brunei-Muara District - Jerudong Beach, Kampong Ayer, Kampong Pengkalan Sibabau, Makam Luba, Pelompong Island, Serasa Beach, Sungai Bunga, Tungku Beach, Ujung Sapoh

  • Tutong District - Seri Kenangan Beach, Danau, Kuala Tutong

  • Belait District - Belait River, Anduki Recreational Area
Catch of the Day - Brunei waters are abundant with fishes. On good days, some anglers had success in catching Kerapu, Ketambak, Pelayak, Red Carp, Selongsong, Snappers, Umpak, Ungah, Utik etc.

Fishing Challenge 2006 - Coincidentally, the Fisheries Department is calling out to fishing enthusiasts to participate in the Cabaran Pancing 2006, at the Seri Kenangan Beach, Tutong District on Sunday 20 August 2006. The competition starts from 8:30am to 11:00am. There are six competition categories. Forms can be obtained form the department and its branches, and at the registration table on the day itself. Pay $10 for individual participation, $20 for group. They didn't say what the prizes are though.

At the end of the Day - Me, fishing? Thank you very much but I'm fairly happy playing Feeding Frenzy and Insaniquarium. Perhaps, on a cool, calm day, I would feel differently, looking out to the rippling waters, watching the sun setting, feeling the cool breeze in my face, with a perfect fishing companion by my side. “ )

Local Fishing Links - Sportfishing Activities: Fisheries Department, Cabaran Pancing 2006, Fred Fishing Charter, Fishing Forum

[Today's entry is written by guest blogger, Hajah Yati HMA]


Zul-Fadly said…
Morning Mr BR Sir... I agree that one has to fork out some dosh if one were to pick up fishing. I've picked up the activity as a past time but lucky me I have a future brother-inlaw who is so into fishing and he has quite a number of fishing gear. So when ever my friends from work plan to go fishing I'll jus borrow his rod. I have bought hooks and weights and other little stuff and a torch light, but its all good.

Fishing is a patient sport. One who cannot sit still please do not try fishing. I

usually go fishing at this place at sg besar. I never really liked fishing. I dun really eat fish myself but after a couple of outings I manage to catch some fish and one has to taste ones fruit of labour right.

Indirectly Fishing has taught me to relax, enjoy the cool breeze (because we fish at night) and just have some male bonding time. hehehe
Anonymous said…
Its true that fishing is a patient sport. Its not that you cast your reel and straight away get a fish.Its not gonna happen, only if you are lucky. hehe. My first fish i caught are 2 weeks after i start fishing...and the size is 3 finger of a hand and its kerapu. The feeling are great...

There is two more spot that i kno that not been mention. Queen Bridge at Kota Batu, famously for Selongsong(If you have the enormous patience and pandai baca baca nya orang) and Damuan at Jalan Tutong famous for Buaya,haha(I m kidding on this one)

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